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GPS Land Surveying provides one of the most modern and up to date surveying techniques available. This involves the production of data & maps which are true to scale. Our surveyors are experienced in carrying out small/medium topographic surveys for property owners and developers, utility companies to larger surveys for proposed roads and motorways, river surveys and other major projects. Land Surveyors are professionals who measure and make precise measurements to determine the size and boundaries of a piece of real estate.  While this is a simplistic definition, boundary surveying is one of the most common types of surveying related to home and land owners. Cadastral Surveying determines and defines land ownership, size and boundaries.

Why do I need boundary survey?

  • Topographic Boundary Surveying allows you to see the exact boundary and size of what you are buying or selling, avoiding future disputes with your neighbours.
  • In case of irregularities of your plot of land in your Escritura or at the Catastro, a topographic boundary survey is important to correct these matters.
  • It is important for sellers or first time buyers to have a land survey, to find out for themselves their real boundaries.
  • Right of way: having a boundary survey is important for the owner to establish right of way to a neighbor for them to cross your land and to access their own property. After this boundary survey is completed, it is important that this to be included in your Escritura.
  • Boundary surveying identifies any infringements as driveways, fences or buildings crossing your boundary lines.
  • Boundary surveying gives you an exact property line measurement with the locations of your house, pool, outbuildings, fences or tracks.
  • Boundary surveying can mark along your property lines, allowing you to erect a fence in the correct location on the boundary.
  • Boundary surveying should be carried out to make sure that the building you are constructing is on your own plot, and not crossing your neighbours land.

With access to the latest GPS technology, we can offer all aspects of GPS surveys, whether it is a simply measurement on a small site or larger projects. Descriptions and services on this website are limited to property owners and buyers when buying, selling property or when involved in disputes with neighbours about boundary lines.

Boundary Survey

Boundary Survey is a survey to establish or re-establish the boundaries or limits of a property, can be identified by records commonly referred to as a Boundary Survey. This type of survey will not only identify the location of the boundary, but will also disclose discrepancies that may exist between the recorded description of the property and that of the adjoining properties.

Title Survey

A title survey is the type of survey usually required for a real estate transaction. In this case a new boundary survey is essential.

Residential Plot Survey

Residential Plot Survey is a combination of boundary and topographic surveys for preparation of a site plan, to be used for designing improvements or developments and obtaining local building permits.